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March 2, 2021

Udrea would like to see a woman running for president

Tourism Minister Elena Udrea, deputy president of the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), claims on her blog that, through the results reported by the ministry and her own achievements in the party, she proved that a woman can sometimes be more effective than a man and argues she would like to see a party in Romania putting up a woman candidate in the presidential race. “(…) Just as it can work in other countries, I am convinced that Romania, too, is beginning to grow out of its patriarchal mindset and can accept that women can be better politicians than men,” the PDL deputy president stated.

Udrea made these statements on the day before a pictorial of her came out in the “Tabu” magazine, depicting her in the guise of five of the most powerful women in history. At the same time, the Democrat-Liberal leader rejected on her blog the critical comments inspired by her appearance in this pictorial: “I could see the interview got misogynistic political commentators all ‘heated up’. I advise them all to try and transcend their own humours and social faults, reminiscent of the patriarchal Cretaceous. They had better (…) focus more on the way in which political socialism, which they are cheering for, is contributing to economic collapse”.

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