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September 25, 2021

DNA prosecutors: “Bica was to use the bribe money for a mini vacation in Austria”

The Cluj County Council members from USL call for an extraordinary County Council session being convened to examine the case involving the Council’s deputy chairman, and, if found necessary, they could set up a commission to look into county tenders.

In their proposal for the remand of Cluj County Deputy Chairman Radu Bica, a member of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), prosecutors with the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) maintain that the county council official was going to use the 10,000 euro taken as bribe from Aspazia Droniuc for a mini vacation in Austria.

“Bica’s behaviour and the telephone conversations he had with Droniuc (the woman who gave him the bribe) back the reasonable suppositions that he demanded to urgently receive EUR 10,000, which he needed for his immediate departure for a mini vacation in Austria, of the total amount of 25,000 agreed upon in early October 2011,” Mediafax quoted prosecutors as saying.

Mediafax reports that, on October 31, the Cluj County deputy chairman got RON 43,000, the equivalent of EUR 10,000, from Aspazia Droniuc, “as an object of the crime of corruption, being caught immediately after he received the money”. Bica demanded the money in order to supply, given his position, key information for a successful tender. According to the source quoted, Bica and Droniuc used a coded language for the money during telephone conversations, which led to the conclusion that the money involved an illicit transaction. “Further more, there’s no document in the criminal investigation dossier, given no civil borrowing agreement has been struck to show who are the agreement parties, the amount borrowed and the date of the back payment, nor was it specified the currency in which the transaction was made,” prosecutors also say, who maintain that the Cluj County deputy chairman had allegedly hidden the money at the bottom of a sofa in an apartment, where it was found during a search.

“On October 26, at Bica’s request, Droniuc paid him a visit at his Cluj County Council office. After she left the office, Droniuc called the accused A.B.M. (Aldea Bogdan) – a layer with the Bucharest Bar Association, and told him that the accused demanded that she urgently pay him EUR 10,000, with the remainder of the amount to be paid later on.” County council members from the Cluj organisation of the Social-Liberal Union (USL) yesterday announced they would convene an extraordinary Council session to examine the situation created after Radu Bica’s arrest. “If deemed necessary, councillors could set up an investigation commission to look into how the Cluj County Council has organised tenders since 2008 and up to now. Taking bribe is a criminal offence, but taking bribe aimed at getting a tender advantage is an attempt at the local or county budget. Sham tenders are to the disadvantage of the residents of Cluj County,” National Liberal Party (PNL) Deputy Horea Uioreanu said, according to whom, the extraordinary session of the Cluj County Council could be held next week.

The Cluj County deputy chairman claims he is innocent.

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