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June 26, 2022

Frunda: “Romania is not a national state”

The Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) Senator Gyorgy Frunda claims that “Romania is not a national state”, arguing that the Union may vote against the Constitution unless the phrase “national state” is removed from the fundamental law. “How can I define Romania as a national state given that, five paragraphs below, I allow there are national minorities in Romania, whose right to preserve, develop and express their national identity I purport to safeguard? How can I be living in a national state if I allow national minorities to use their mother-tongue in public government, education and so forth? How can I define the Romanian state as a national state if the Romanian state, currently a EU member state, acknowledges the decision-making authority of the European Commission in Brussels or of the European Court in Strasbourg in fields that were up to now exclusively the prerogative of the national state?,” Frunda wonders rhetorically in an interview to RFI, quoted by Mediafax. We remind our readers that UDMR filed on November 1 an amendment to the Constitution modification bill in which it called for the removal of the “national state” phrase, an object that the Union has nurtured for some time. The proposal was harshly criticized by most MPs, as the leaders of all major parties (the Democrat-Liberal Party, the National Union for Romanian Progress, the Social-Democrat Party and the National Liberal Party) opposed UDMR’s proposal.

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