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May 16, 2021

“Criminal group” formed by court executors, notaries public and lawyers

The Ministry of Justice notified DIICOT about a report of its Control Body.

According to the internet site luju.ro, quoted by Hotnews, the Justice Ministry took the case to DIICOT, after a report of the ministry’s Control Body found the existence of a group of court executors and notaries public, organised into a criminal network, which sold at auction, in suspect conditions, at low prices, the houses of debtors from Bucharest. According to the report, the same group of people attended many auctions held by several Court Executor Offices, including the office partly controlled by the head of the National Union of Court Executors. In most cases, the buildings were purchased by the same person, at a quarter of the sum at which they were evaluated. The suspected executors told HotNews.ro that they know nothing about the MJ verification or the report sent to DIICOT.

According to data mentioned by the document, the buyer of most properties sold at small prices is Victor Pomponiu, a member of the Bucharest Bar, which does not have the right to work as a lawyer. The group of suspects allegedly purchased for EUR 11,000 a building evaluated at EUR 120,000, reads the report. According to the same document, the people who attended the auctions initially accepted the starting price, but eventually bade only very small sums, or simply withdrew. In a different case, Pomponiu bought a property evaluated at RON 222,200 for only a quarter of this sum, adds the document. The Ministry’s Control Body also verified the Office of Associate Court Executors Draganescu George, Ionescu Niculae and Crafcenco Marius, the last also being the president of the National Union of Court Executors of Romania.

The Ministry of Justice warned DIICOT about what seems to be an organised criminal group, while the Board of the Bucharest Chamber of Notaries Public suspended notary public Amalia Enache Florina for 6 months.

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