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December 2, 2022

Iron Guard ‘heirs’ would like to take part in 2012 elections

According to “Libertatea”, one of the surprises of the 2012 local and general elections may be the presence on the candidates’ list of the “Pentru Patrie” (For the Fatherland) Party (PPP), a party which has its roots in the Legionary Movement (e.n. the inter-war far rightwing movement). The party was registered in 1993 as the heir of the “Totul Pentru Tara” (Everything For the Fatherland) Party, the Legion’s political formation. It could not be registered under its old name as the court rejected the suit of the elder and younger Iron Guard adherents who make up the present-day party. “We abide by a rightwing doctrine and intend to set up the ‘National Resistance’, a higher command of all the political forces which wish to save the country,” Constantin Iulian, a member on the party’s Senate’s Standing Bureau, who spent 13 years in prison for his allegiance to the Legionary Movement, stated.

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