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October 23, 2021

Trade deficit at nine months down 1.18 pc, to EUR 6.9 bln

The turnover of auto trade and services advanced by 4 pc and 1.2 pc, respectively, in September against August.

The trade deficit decreased by 1.18 pc in the first nine months of the year, to EUR 6.9 bln, with exports outpacing imports, according to data released Wednesday by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

During January-September, exports topped EUR 33.4 bln, 24.2 pc higher year-on-year, and imports advanced by 19 pc to EUR 40.3 bln. Transactions with machines and transport equipment accounted for 41.2 pc of exports and 33.7 pc of imports.

The manufactured products exported and imported by Romania represented 33.8 pc of the total, while accounting for 30.7 pc of imports.

An important gap was registered in the category of chemicals, where Romania imported twice as much as it exported (6.3 pc of exports and 13.4 pc of imports). The imports of food goods, drinks and tobacco represented 6.9 pc of the total, while exports were only 5.8 pc.

Mineral fuels and lubricants accounted for 11.7 pc of total imports and 5.9 pc of exports.

Besides machines, transport equipment and manufactured good, exports exceeded imports also in the category of raw materials (7 pc of total exports and 3.6 pc of total imports). Most commercial exchanges in the first nine months of the year were conducted with the European Union. Exports to EU countries amounted to EUR 23.7 bln (71.1 pc of the total), while imports reached EUR 28.8 bln (71.6 pc).

The turnover of trade with road vehicles and motorcycles increased in September (adjusted series) by 4 pc against August and by 7.4 pc compared to the same month of 2010, while the turnover of services provided to population advanced by 1.2 pc and 11.9 pc, respectively.

In unadjusted series, the turnover of the trade with road vehicles and motorcycles increased by 4.6 pc in September against August, but services to population suffered an 8.3 pc decline.

Compared to September 2010, the turnover of auto trade increased by 7.7 pc (unadjusted series) and that of services by 10.6 pc. During January-September 2011, against the same interval of last year, the turnover of the trade with road vehicles and motorcycles soared by 4 pc (unadjusted series) and 5.8 pc (adjusted series). In its turn, the turnover of services to population increased by 9.3 pc (unadjusted series), respectively by 10.7 pc (series adjusted with the number of working days and seasonal factors).

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