Couture collection to promote Romania, launched at French Embassy

The 100 pc RO couture collection, the pilot project of the eponymous cultural initiative to promote Romania, created with the support of dozens of Romanian designers and folk artisans, was launched yesterday evening at the French Embassy in Bucharest, according to a press release quoted by Mediafax. A private project, the collection titled “Prejudices” is to be presented in Paris in the early 2012 and aims at promoting a new face of Romania, defying negative stereotypes about the Romanians.

The autumn-winter couture collections is signed by Philippe Guilet, the artistic director of the French Embassy in Bucharest, with the support of over 50 Romanian designers, artists and folk artisans from Maramures, Bucovina, Brasov, Bistrita and Bucharest, drawing on the Romanian cultural heritage. Furthermore, all the materials and resources used and the team for the project, except for the leading designer, are 100 pc Romanian.

The 34 outfits included in the collection were inspired by elements in the national cultural heritage, traditional or modern, and tell the tale of the four years the French designer spent in Romania, discovering the traditions and customs of the place. Exploiting the Romanian heritage’s potential for renewal and the Romanians’ native talent, the collection “Prejudices” proposes to oppose biases against the Romanian people and to contribute to improving Romania’s image abroad, as well as encourage a change in the Romanians’ attitude to their country. The 100 pc RO collection was created with the help of Romanian designers Mihaela Glavan, Kristina Dra­gomir and others.

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