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June 13, 2021

Exports, steadfast pace in growth for 25 successive months

Romanian exports amounted to EUR 4.2 bln in September, up 18.14 pc year-on-year, continuing the growth trend in January-August of this year, according to the release by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment (MECMA). In absolute values, Romania exports rose EUR 0.7 M in September, from August, which means they have grown steadily over the past 25 months. The trend is at odds with the alert raised last August, when Romanian exports were on the decline, EUR 3.46 bln, from 3.78 bln euro in July.

Romania’s Jan-Sept FOB (Free on Board) amounted to 33.45 bln euro, up 24.2 pc year-on-year. The volume of imports during the same interval totalled 40.35 bln euro, or 19 pc, from the first nine months of 2010.

The higher pace in exports remains in place to countries outside the EU, 30.1 pc from 22 pc in EU member countries, mostly in crisis-struck countries or those where economic growth was more rapidly restored. This pace of growth is unprecedented for the past 20 years. Jan-Sept 2011 export structure has improved steadily, with construction machinery and transport equipment accounting for 41.2 pc, and manufactured products in general, 75 pc of all Romanian exports.

The countries where Romanian exports were significantly higher during the interval concerned are as follows: Canada – up 98.4 pc; US – up 45.91 pc; Brazil – 122 pc; the Russian Federation – 28.91 pc; Ukraine – over 64 pc; Turkey – 15.7 pc. The countries where Romanian exports exceeded 50 pc include Kazakhstan (86.4 pc), South Africa (144.2 pc), United Arab Emirates (86.76 pc), Saudi Arabia (174.66 pc), Jordan (127.6 pc), Tunisia (99.46 pc), Iraq (76.1 pc), Kuwait (218.4 pc), Afghanistan (198.43 pc), Singapore (98 pc) etc.

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