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October 23, 2020

24 Romanian police on UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti

Twenty four Romanian police agents are working under the United Nations in Haiti, taking part in peacekeeping missions and anti-crime operations together with local authorities, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday, according to Mediafax.
One of their main duties is to implement development and training programmes for Haiti national police. “The Romanian police agents have an active presence and are conducting, together with local authorities, activities meant to restore public peace and order, to prevent and combat crime, to protect the underage, but also special operations,” the Interior Ministry release reads. The document also said there are currently 258 Interior Ministry workers taking part in international peacekeeping missions under the mandate of the United Nations, European Union and the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe, in countries such as Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Moldova, Ukraine, Congo, Timor and Haiti.

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