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August 3, 2021

Romania posts 6th highest industrial output increase in EU

Industrial production in September rose in 14 EU member states year-on-year, with Romania ranking 6th as a result of an industrial output double the EU median, according to data published yesterday by the Statistical Office of European Communities (Eurostat)

Industrial production rose 2.2 pc year-on-year both in the euro zone and the European Union. The highest rises were noticed in Latvia (9.6 pc), Lithuania (8.3 pc), Poland (7.9 pc); Slovakia (7.4 pc), Sweden (6.8 pc) and Romania (5.7 pc). September industrial production fell 2 pc in the euro zone, and 1.3 pc in the European Union, from August. According to data available, industrial production dropped in 11 member states, including Romania, and rose in 10 member states. Estonia (-10.9 pc), Portugal (-5.8 pc, and Italy (-4.8 pc) reported the steepest declines. Romania stands below the EU median, with a 0.5 pc drop in industrial production, one of the slightest declines EU-wide.

According to data posted by the National Institute of Statistics, industrial production rose 6.8 pc and 7.2 pc year-on-year, as gross and adjusted series respectively.

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