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October 31, 2020

Geoana warns: “The dark time of Bolshevism is back in PSD”

The Senate Speaker accused Victor Ponta of “playing Russian roulette” with opposition’s chance to win next year’s elections.

By Daniela Baragan

The “die is cast” in the Social Democratic Party (PSD), which means, there is a slim chance for things to turn in Mircea Geoana’s favour, which he himself acknowledged. Monday evening, the Senate Speaker said he had scant hopes about the outcome of the National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting next week to discuss the proposal that he be excluded from the party, as Victor Ponta, the party’s president, managed to silence the bold people. What I’m disappointed about is not the noise made by Victor Ponta, but the silence of my friends <in the PSD>, Mediafax quoted Geoana as saying.

Even with “one foot out”, the former Social-Democrat leader is still critic of the party leadership. According to Geoana, the National Standing Bureau’s decision to reconfirm his being replaced as Senate speaker and submitting to the CExN the recommendation that he be excluded from the party shows “the dark time of Bolshevism” is back . Furthermore, he holds that the “scenario” plotted by Victor Ponta over the past week forgot including what he is accused of, this going to show, yet again, that it is actually his mere presence that upsets “some”. “What are the accusations” My good relationship with America? My not yielding the Senate position to the Power? My potential running <for president of Romania>? Or the very fact that I am, I think, I speak, I conduct myself like an important and mature political man?” He accused Victor Ponta of “playing Russian roulette” with the opposition’s chance to win the elections next year. “If such leadership is accomplished in the future, then, Traian Basescu would be but a kid compared to those leaders. This is not how you prove you are a strong leader, by doing away with any opponent in the party. (…) This manner of leadership will bring discipline and silence in the party, yet not electoral performance,” Geoana also said.

Basescu: I haven’t seen anything more stupid than offering the Senate leadership

In a televised programme, President Traian Basescu called the Social-Democrats’ decision to revoke Geoana as Senate Speaker a big mistake. “I haven’t seen something more stupid than offering on a plate the only post that would have allowed them to still engage in legislative politics, yet, this is the party’s business. I cannot see Mircea Geoana either in the PDL or in the UNPR,” Basescu said.

PSD president Victor Ponta yesterday replied he is not by any means surprised by Traian Basescu’s statements about the Senate speaker, given they show he “reevaluated” Geoana. “Two weeks ago, he said Geoana was obstructing the Senate activity, now, he says he should stay there. This reassessment comes as no surprise to me, it’s typical of Traian Basescu,” Ponta said. The evening before, Ponta admitted that the PSD could lose the Senate speaker post once the party withdraws its political support for Geoana.

“We don’t have it anyway. It was Mircea Geoana who held it. The issue now is who takes over”. He also said that he had been tipped off that the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) and the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) will nominate own candidates for Senate Speaker office, while the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) might endorse Mircea Geoana for Senate Speaker. The allegation was however staunchly dismissed by UNPR honorary president Cristian Diconescu as “absurd intoxications.”

Who’s to support Geoana if he founds his party?

Mediafax quoted Social-Democrat sources as saying that the likelihood has been examined over the past few weeks with several county leaders of the party, but also with some MPs from the  UNPR and even the National Liberal Party (PNL) <12 to 15 lawmakers in all> for Geoana to found his own party after his imminent expelling from the PSD. According to the sources quoted, Geoana was assured he would receive help to establish a new party, and local structures mainly, from several county council chairmen (Arges, Ialomita and Braila), adding to whom are the leaders of PSD Buzau and Calarasi. Moreover, Geoana will benefit from the support of a major group of Social-Democrat mayors from Dolj. Also sticking with Geoana are three more branch presidents from Moldavia and southern Romania. According to the negotiations carried out with the Senate Speaker, they won’t resign from the party once Geoana is out, yet, they will provide financial, logistic and staff support to help him create the organisational structures for his potential party. According to adevarul.ro, “The New Left” is one of the rumoured names for Mircea Geoana’s new party.

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