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May 29, 2022

Geoana: “PSD’s little children ignore the Statute”

The speaker of the Senate claims that, in order to replace him, Titus Corlatean should first receive green light from the Executive Committee of PSD, which has also the final say on expelling him from the party.

By Daniela Baragan

Faced with the imminent expulsion from PSD, after leading the Social-Democrats for five years and a failed attempt in the 2009 presidential elections, Mircea Geoana continues to lash out at the leaders of the party, these “little children” that – he claims – ignore the Statute of PSD. The leader of the Senate said on TV that the National Executive Committee (CExN) must validate both his expulsion from the party and the decision to replace him as Senat speaker with Titus Corlatean. “Most interesting here is that the whole procedure actually is against the Statute,” Geoana said, quoted by realitatea.net. He also set his guns on his possible successor in the position of president of the Senate, Titus Corlatean, who is in charge with the Romanians living abroad, saying that the opposition lost the presidential elections of 2009 precisely because of this category of Romanians.

On the other hand, Mircea Geoana recollected a talk he had with Victor Ponta last summer, in which the acting leader of PSD told him that he would not oppose a new attempt by Geoana to win the next presidential elections of 2014: “Mr. Ponta told me that (…) our paths should not cross, and we are in no collision course in my attempt to run for president once again, while he will try to become prime minister.” In the context, he recollected Ponta telling him on June 8 that, although Antonescu leads in polls now, the opposition will nominate as presidential candidate in 2014 the politician that will be in the best position at that moment.

In a different move, the Social-Democrat denied the media allegations about his intention to found a new party, adding that he does not want to go to UNPR either. “There is no need to create a new party, in order to be active and present in public life and Romanian politics,” Geoana said.

Senator Miron Mitrea however believes that Mircea Geoana could found a new party only with support from Traian Basescu and justice, but he knows nobody willing to follow him. “If he is in such good relations with President Traian Basescu and PDL, one might witness this procedure (replacing UNPR with a new party founded by Geoana), but this should not be a matter of concern,” Mitrea said. Precisely because he knows Geoana very well, Mitrea does not see him “capable of doing anything on his own.”

Blaga, Berceanu and Filip, PDL’s prospective replacements for Geoana

While Victor Ponta is trying to have Geoana replaced from the helm of the Senate, Democrat-Liberals are preparing their strategy to get their hands on the second most important office in the state. Political sources quoted by adevarul.ro claim that the Democratic-Liberal Party (PDL) is considering two options. The first envisages appointing the deputy Speaker of the Senate Petru Filip (PDL) interim Speaker in Geoana’s stead, taking into consideration the possibility of extending his term “until everything is settled”, which may be as far ahead as the next session. The second option is nominating right away a replacement from the ranks of PDL who should be voted in the Senate assembly. In the latter case scenario, Vasile Blaga, Radu Berceanu and Petru Filip are given out as favourites, with Blaga deemed the most likely replacement, according to the same sources.

Basescu’s projected impeachment, the reason for Geoana’s expulsion?

Although he had publicly announced he would refrain from further comments on the Geoana topic until next week’s Executive Council, the PSD leader Victor Ponta referred, however, during a talk show, to the reason for the Speaker of the Senate’s expulsion from PSD, namely, the opposition’s plan of impeaching Traian Basescu. In other words, the decision had nothing to do with the Senate Speaker’s visit to the US or the latter’s alleged posing as the leader of the opposition: “We wanted to have a trustworthy person in the office of Speaker of the Senate, a potential replacement for Traian Basescu, and Mr. Geoana no longer commends trust. He could not get over the huge disappointment of losing the presidential election. He lost the race and is even now clinging to the idea he should be the president of Romania, just as he is clinging to his lost position as PSD leader”. Ponta reiterated, thus, that, as soon as the opposition wins an extra vote in Parliament, “the Social-Liberal Union (USL) will try to get Basescu impeached right away”. “If someone ends up replacing him, I want that person to be someone who doesn’t nurse a grudge against me for failing to become president in 2009, someone who doesn’t trail such a political load behind,” the PSD leader concluded, quoted by Jurnalul National.

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