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September 30, 2020

Kelemen would like ruling coalition to remain in place after 2012

The Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) leader Kelemen Hunor stated yesterday on RFI that, in his opinion, Romania would benefit from another term of centre-right government. ìIt all depends on the voters’ will. If someone secures over 50 pc of votes and a comfortable majority, then I’m persuaded we should abide by the voters’ will. If not, the path is open for any coalition, any kind of negotiation, as it has been the case for the past 20 years in Romania,î Kelemen argued, quoted by realitatea.net. According to the latter, the Union is interested first and foremost to get a good score in the 2012 elections, which would secure it the political power needed to take part in next year’s negotiations. The UDMR leader refrained from predictions as to the party which should nominate the future prime-minister, merely stating that ìwhoever gets the majority should ponder on the future government make-upî. Although he would prefer a centre-right coalition, the UDMR president claims the door of the Union ìis neither open or shutî to the Social-Liberal Union (USL). ìAs regards this matter, UDMR will go on acting as it has acted for the past 22 years. We cannot afford the luxury of not negotiating with Romanian parties, whatever their ideological leaning, provided they are democratic parties,î the UDMR leader stated, adding, however, the only exception remains the Greater Romania Party (PRM).

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