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January 23, 2022

PDL to carry on UDMR partnership, seal protocol with Roma party

Women cabinet members praised as ‘best ministers’ by Secretary General Ioan Oltean.

Democrat-Liberals bring their female members into spotlight with a view to next year’s elections, also announcing their willingness to carry on the partnership with the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) and to strike a protocol with the Party of the Roma. “Talks are in advanced state with Nicolae Paun, president of the Party of the Roma, and we will soon conclude a cooperation and mutual support protocol,” Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) General Secretary Ioan Olteanu (photo) said at Saturday’s Conference of the PDL Bistrita-Nasaud Women’s County Organisation, which elected the organisation’s new president. “It’s been three years since the UDMR has been a loyal partner of the PDL and trying to build reform in this country and we are considering to carry on this partnership into 2012-2016 too,” Mediafax quoted Ioan Oltean as saying.

Oltean urged all the female members of the Bistrita-Nasaud branch to be bolder and step forward so that the proportion grows of women involved in politics. “You ought to want to leave the kitchen, the bedroom, the pantry or some place else, don’t wait for men to yield their seats, because they won’t, because they like it, it’s convenient. Power (…) corrupts men more than women. This is why we need you in Romanian politics and I urge you to try and step into the spotlight so that we can promote women more. (…)”, Oltean said. The PDL general secretary praised the three female ministers in the Boc government – Elena Udrea (Tourism), Anca Boagiu (Transport) and Sulfina Barbu (Labour). “Look at Elena Udrea, Anca Boagiu and Sulfina Barbu. They are our best ministers. Remember this! The party cannot be without you (…) I urge you to support those of you that prove having leadership abilities. Let have them in the party leadership, alongside the men,” Oltean also said.

Mayors and votes

Praises aside, PDL leaders did not forget referring to the recent corruption cases in the party or some desiderates difficult to bring to life. Also in Bistrita, the day before the conference, Oltean said that PDL members and Traian Basescu are not at all happy with the cases involving Sorin Apostu, Silviu Bian and others. “The party has immediately distanced itself from those situations and calls for justice to do its duty,” Oltean said, expressing his hope the party would not lose many percentage points in polls on account of those cases. He also announced that the PDL would ban its MPs travelling abroad in order to make sure the quorum is met for the budget law being passed. Also, Oltean said the ruling coalition finds it “absolutely impossible’ to amend the Constitution, reason for which negotiating a reduction in the number of parliamentarians remains the only option available. Opinion are split in the party over the mayors issue, with MEP Cristian Preda criticising on his personal blog the party’s option to support corrupt mayors on grounds they bring votes. “I have been explained, in various ways, that the votes mobilised by a corrupt mayor are a support we can’t do without today, when we encounter so many difficulties,” Preda wrote.

Others, such as First Vice-President Gheorghe Flutur, believe that mayors should do more to improve the party image, calling on Democrat-Liberal mayors “to get coupled” with the party, since it is not right for them to distance themselves from the party when the Government takes tough measures. “We must make sure the party returns to the percentage rates it used to have. We should not be ashamed to stick with the party,” Flutur said.

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