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September 29, 2022

Iliescu and Nastase criticize Vasile Dancu’s “smashing the idols” proposal

“PSD heavyweights” accuse the party’s former Vice President of trying to “fuel suspicions and distrust” between former party leaders and “young President Ponta.”

By Daniela Baragan

All-out war within PSD, a war waged on the blogs too. The party’s old guard, reactivated by Victor Ponta, has launched a virulent attack against Vasile Dancu after the latter posted an article on his blog, an article suggestively titled “The left-wing’s final battle – smashing the idols” (referring to Iliescu and Nastase – editor’s note).

Angered by the more than obvious innuendo and by his call on Social-Democrats to get rid once and for all of “the shadows of the past,” former PSD leader Ion Iliescu answered Dancu by posting a blog entry titled “Vasile Dancu and the left.” “I don’t know on what grounds Vasile Dancu is considered a left-wing man, or even “PSD’s ideologue and reformer,” because the text does nothing but repeats outdated slogans that the representatives of the most aggressive right-wing used in the 1990s. Against Iliescu and his supporters he launches typical insults and accusations uttered by political opponents,” Iliescu wrote. The Social-Democrats’ Honourary President accuses the representative of the Cluj group (as Dancu is called in the press – editor’s note) of “venomous maneuvering” given his attempts to “fuel suspicions and distrusts between former party leaders and young President Ponta.”

In this context, he claims that Dancu insinuated in his article that the talks concerning Mircea Geoana’s fate within PSD “are just a pretext” for obscure maneuvers coming from “the party’s old nucleus” (Iliescu & Co.) that would like “to undermine Ponta” and to “come back to power.” “That is why, he (Dancu – editor’s note) states that the left-wing’s final battle is allegedly “getting rid of the shadows of the past” – naturally, represented by Iliescu and Nastase,” Iliescu writes. He also expressed his anger with his party colleague’s call on Social-Democrats to “take the paintings off the walls,” another direct reference to “PSD’s old guard.”  “So, for Dancu reforming PSD means “Iliescu out,” the Social-Democrat writes, underlining that this is not Vasile Dancu’s first attempt to “reform” and “modernize” PSD.

Thus, Iliescu mentioned the 2005 Congress back when Mircea Geoana, backed by the Cluj group, toppled him from the helm of PSD. According to Iliescu, the Cluj group’s “experiment” (toppling him and propelling Geoana at the helm of the party – editor’s note) had “known results”: “PSD no longer won any decisive battle, remaining in the opposition and Geoana directly contributed to losing the Presidential elections, both in 2004 and 2009.” I

Former Premier Adrian Nastase criticized Vasile Dancu on his blog too. “The essence of the “reform” that Vasile Dancu proposed and proposes is to introduce permanent revolution within PSD, on the Trotskyite model. In the internal logic of the iconoclast project, the party’s identity guide marks have to be destroyed in order to be replaced with messianic characters that would soon thereafter be eliminated too, in order to make way for new actors that the puppeteers would identify as the new carriers of reform,” Nastase writes. Furthermore, Nastase considers that bringing down the idols is “the last battle of the left, because afterwards it might disband itself.” “Vasile Dancu proposes Victor Ponta to restart the jihad in PSD,” adds the former premier. He recommends Dancu to apply the principles of bringing down the idols and tearing the paintings off the walls in his own party organisation of Cluj.

In his turn, Dancu – a former vice-president of PSD – retorted by saying that Iliescu and Nastase criticised him because they fear the future actions of Victor Ponta. “I think they have signs that PSD will no longer accept the fragmentation of its leaders’ authority. This happened with Adrian Nastase, Mircea Geoana, now with Victor Ponta,” Dancu said yesterday on RFI, quoted by realitatea.net. He reproached Ion Iliescu that he is acting like an executive president of PSD, although he does not hold this position, and it is abnormal for “all the strategic decisions of a party to depend on the wishes of former party presidents and on their strategies.”

Geoana vs. Ponta

The blog has become Mircea Geoana’s battleground. With an axe hanging above his head (the decision to expel him from PSD will be made today), the former leader of Social-Democrats still lashes out at Victor Ponta. In a post named “No day without attacking Mircea Geoana. Today, the debts of the party,” Geoana advises the acting leader of PSD “to ask Hrebenciuc, Mitrea, Corlatean or Dragnea” if he wants to know the source of the debts accumulated by the party over the last two years. “Nothing is more disqualifying for a party president than trying to regain his authority by throwing mud at his predecessor. It lacks dignity to divert the attention from how you lead the party by blaming everything on the past leadership and accusing just one person, whose team you belonged to,” Geoana wrote, referring to a statement made by Victor Ponta last Sunday about party assets being impounded to cover the debts made during the electoral campaign of 2009.

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