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June 25, 2022

Deputies vote down simple motion against Transport minister

Opposition denounces road “carnages”, while ruling coalition labels the motion a mockery.

The Chamber of Deputies plenum yesterday rejected 162-129, and three abstentions, the simple motion “Ms. Minister Boagiu’s (photo) ribbons” submitted by the legislative groups of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the National Liberal Party (PNL). According to the Lower House regulation, a motion is considered passed when adopted by the majority of attending deputy, and qualifies as a recommendation to Government, if passed. Deputies debated on Monday the motion tendered by the two legislative groups, in the presence of Minister Boagiu. Motion signatures denounced the lack of performance showed by the succession of Democrat-Liberal Transport ministers and demanded explanations about contested tenders and the motorway shortage, the “worrying” condition of rail transport, “poor” handling of air transport, the “waste” of public money surrounding infrastructure projects, while the crisis is in full swing. During the plenum debate, Social-Democrat Deputy Florin Tataru said that, while Minister Boagiu is cutting ribbons, “carnages” happen on roads because of potholes, trains go off track, passengers are either under attack or freezing in those means of transportation,”. “We have grown tired of seeing lines on maps, there’s a big difference between the lines on maps and the reality on the ground,” Liberal Deputy Relu Fenechiu said.

In their turn, ruling coalition deputies criticised the Social-Liberal Union-initiated simple motion as an “insult” to the people. Democrat-Liberal Deputy Ioan Oltean said that, during the ten years it had been in power, the current opposition only built a mere 5 kilometres of motorways, against 100 kms constructed during the Boc Government, which means good performance. Oltean added that, while it’s true Minister Boagiu cuts ribbons, she does it when road stretches built at EU standards are completed. Transport Minister Anca Boagiu hit back at the USL motion “Ms. Minister Boagiu’s ribbons” with a string of projections on the ministerial plans, which she called “Ms. Minister Boagiu’s ribbons. The True Story”. “I hope that today’s debate, accompanied by visuals, proved that there are road stretches under construction, they’re not just lines on maps., while others have their infrastructure completed,” Boagiu said.

According to Anca Boagiu, in 2013, Romania will have over 900 kilometres of roads. “Given the 313 km existing in Romania, and the further 638 mk under construction, without counting the public-private partnership contracts in the pipeline, we can say Romania will have in 2013 a network exceeding 900 kilometres of built motorways,” the minister explained, who added: “Con­sidering that, until now, the lawmakers, all my colleagues, showed an interest seeing how things, the transport programme, unfolds, I don’t expect any negative surprise, I’m not worried,” the Transport minister concluded.

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