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May 17, 2022

Marian Iancu steps down from Poli Timisoara

Poli Timisoara President Marian Iancu stated that both he and BkP, the club’s main sponsor, will stop investing in the club, realitatea.net informs, quoting ‘Gazeta Sporturilor.’

In an interview for ‘Gazeta Sporturilor,’ Iancu stated that the company he owns will stop investing in Poli Timisoara. “I announced that I’m waiting for someone to buy 50 per cent of the shares. I don’t need my investments back, but someone has to come invest in the team. There are things that I’ve been saying for a very long time but nobody is listening. I gave the warning signal a long time ago. If nobody is coming we’ll pay the RON 1.4 M we owe to the treasury and that’s it! We’ll pull back if nobody is coming,” Iancu stated.

At this moment, FIFA has asked Poli Timisoara to pay EUR 1.1 M to Slovan Bratislava for transferring Brezinsky and EUR 1.3 M to Benfica for transferring Sepsi. “BkP and Iancu will stop investing. It’s fine if the club finds funds, it’s fine if it doesn’t,” Iancu stated.

The financial problems that prevented the team from playing another season in League I are yet to be solved, Poli being threatened with suspension. Although the team has absorbed the shock of the relegation relatively easy, the club is at risk of going bankrupt because of its debts that total more than EUR 2.5 M!

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