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July 2, 2022

Shorts about fashion and style at ShortsUP

The various guises of urban style or, in other words, street fashion make up the subject matter of the Friday edition of ShortsUP, titled “Street Fashion”, to take place at Bucharest’s Dalles Hall, the organizers inform. Featuring figures which make heads turn, the films included in the ShortsUp “Street Fashion” selection are award-winning short-reel productions which approach, explicitly or somewhat more subtly, fashion and style.

Included in this year’s Berlinale Panorama selection, “Warum Madame Warum” (directed by Michael Bidner, John Edward Heys, Germany, 2011), is centred on an eccentric figure walking about Berlin and eating sausages in an ostentatious fashion.

“By Modern Measure” (dir. Matthew Lessner, USA, 2006), shot in a style reminiscent of the French New Wave, satirizes the excessive influence of pop culture on two young Americans. The film won, among other distinctions, a mention at the Sundance Film Festival.

In the animation production “It’s What You Wear” (dir. Jayro Bustamante, France, 2006), selected in several major festivals, a shop-window mannequin ends up believing he will be treated like a normal human being provided he wears the right clothes.

“Der perfekte menneske” (Denmark, 1967), signed by the well-known documentary film director Jorgen Leth is “a serious comedy” about the clash between imagination and reality. Starting from this short, Lars von Trier invited Leth to collaborate with him in an experiment which would result in the production “The Five Obstructions” (2003). Alongside the short-reel screenings, the event will include a local and international street fashion photography installation, Young Romanian Designers Expo, mini-exhibitions which attempted to capture the urban spirit of Bucharest, as well as a Live Make-Up Area.

Tickets, priced RON 20, can be bought from the entrance. The price of the ticket allows the holder participation in all the contemporary art forms included in the ShortsUP Street Fashion event.

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