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August 17, 2022

Cristi Preda calls for ‘urgent’ dismissal of SGG head

Democrat-liberal MEP Cristian Preda called for the urgent” dismissal of Daniela Andreescu (photo), head of the General Secretariat of Government (SGG), given accusations that she has helped several members of her family to do business with the Romanian Administration of State Assets (RA-APPS) and appointed her relatives to positions in the state apparatus.

“I believe that Daniela Andreescu is not the only person able to be in charge of the General Secretariat of Government. Andreescu’s arrogant answers to the questions asked of her are unacceptable,” Preda writes on his blog, who insists this is not just a legal matter, but also one “of public ethics”.

“The General Secretariat of Government had the duty to straighten out what it had been reproached and not torture legal parlance as a disguise for private interests. Decency calls for Daniela Andreescu to be urgently replaced,” Cristian Preda said.

On Wednesday, PM Emil Boc said the problems of alleged conflicts of interest involving Daniela Andreescu should be sorted out both by the person concerned and the National Agency for Integrity (ANI).

According to Mediafax, ANI indirectly confirmed yesterday it was looking into the case of SGG head Daniela Andreescu, adding that it could not provide information on pending cases. “We inform you that the institution cannot supply information on pending cases, in compliance with assessment principles, which are as follows: legality, confidentiality, impartiality, operational independence, speed, good administration, one’s right to defend themselves, as well as the presumption of legal means for acquiring wealth,” anti-corruption inspectors said.

National press have published several reports according to which the general secretary of Government supposedly took advantage of her position to help her husband, step son and daughter to land business deals with the RA-APPS. Andreescu’s was downright hilarious: “I should mention that, according to the Family Code, the husband is not a relative, nor are his children from a previous marriage, but affines.”

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