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February 1, 2023

Government General Secretariat head, dismissed

The Government’s General Secretariat (SGG) head, Daniela Andreescu, was dismissed from the position amid allegations that she was guilty of conflict of interests for having granted the use of state-owned buildings to family members, Mediafax informs.

Prime Minister Emil Boc announced the dismissal on Friday, saying that it was “a sovereign administrative decision” made without receiving any official notice from the National Integrity Agency (ANI). Earlier, official sources had told Mediafax that ANI had informed the government of Andreescu’s conflict of interest when granting the use of a State Protocol Administration (RA-APPS) building to her husband’s association.

The same sources said several leaders of the Democrat Liberal Party had asked Boc to have a talk on the matter with Andreescu and to dismiss her in case she did not have any “satisfying” explanations about the lodgings granted to family members.

According to media reports, Andreescu’s daughter Irina Zisman is an associate in a company that also obtained the right to use RA-APPS office spaces. Other reports accused Andreescu of having even hired her step-son and Zisman on key positions in the SGG and another institution she controlled, the State Assets Recovery Authority a few years back. But ANI said it had no evidence to indicate a conflict of interests in this regard.

Following the press reports, SGG said in a press release that it was Andreescu herself who asked ANI to look into the allegations against her. Before the SGG dismissal was announced, PM Boc reportedly called Andresscu for a private meeting in his office, sources said. “The discussion is tense and the prime minister is yelling that we can hear him through the door,” the sources told Mediafax.

Asked to comment on the situation in a Pro TV talk show yesterday, Boc insisted that the dismissal was an “administrative decision.” “I do not head the SGG, the existence of a conflict of interests must be established by ANI,” he said.

He added that maintaining the RA-APPS for the last 20 years was a big mistake and that is why the government recently decided to put for sale all buildings still owned by the state through this institution.

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