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December 9, 2022

Polish Film Days this week in Bucharest

The Polish Film Days take place November 27 to December 4 in Bucharest and will include screenings at the Scala Cinema and the Romania Director’s New Cinema (MTR), the Polish Institute informs. The films selected, all produced in 2010, include: “Venice”, by Jan Jakub Kolski, “Joanna”, by Feliks Falk, “Erratum”, by Marek Lechki, “Mystification”, by Jacek Koprowicz, “Mala matura 1947”, by Janusz Majewski, “Swiety interes”, by Maciej Wohtyszko, and “Little Rose”, by Maciej Karpinski.

Jan Jakub Kolski’s film tells the tale of a boy who dreams to visit Venice alongside his parents. “Joanna” is set in Nazi-occupied Krakow, during World War II, while “Erratum” tells the story of Michal who, a few days before his son’s first communion, visits his home town. The story in “Mystification” is set in 1968, soon after the students’ uprising. “Mala matura” is the affectionate and funny tale of Ludwig’s adolescence in Poland, in the first post-war years.

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