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December 3, 2021

Severin defends decision not to quit EP

MEP Adrian Severin on Friday refused to explain why he will not resign form the European Parliament, insisting that he is wronged and that the only consolation he has if that his resistance helps shape “the image that Romania does not give up.” Severin held a lecture on ‘corruption exceptionality’ on Friday and was repeatedly interrupted by some of those present who asked him why he refuses to quit the European assembly, according to Mediafax. Earlier this year, Severin and other MEPs were accused by a British publication of asking money for lobbying in favour of various legal projects. All the other MEPs involved in the case have resigned, except Severin.

He reiterated his innocence and said that it is up to those who accused him to bring evidence to confirm his guilt. “No evidence was brought after nine months, so for the time being, rushing into executing the suspects would mean a return to totalitarianism,” Severin added.

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