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December 2, 2020

Elena Udrea: Piedone would be redoubtable City Hall candidate

In a statement on Realitatea TV, PDL Vice President Elena Udrea praised District 4 Mayor Cristian Popescu Piedone. “Mr. Piedone is a redoubtable City Hall candidate. We are working on collaborating with UNPR in view of supporting the elections campaign in alliance. There are colleagues that expressed their intention to run. We have measurements for them. I didn’t see them act as potential candidates in Bucharest. One can’t run for the Bucharest City Hall unless one states one’s desire to win,” Elena Udrea stated. She claims that “it’s not her training” to be a Mayor and will run in the Parliamentary elections within the same college. “I believe it’s a good idea to run in agreement with UNPR. We are in a coalition with them. I believe it’s pointless to compete against each other,” she stated on Realitatea TV. Popescu Piedone recently left PC (Opposition party) in order to join UNPR (part of the ruling coalition). On the other hand, PDL Vice President Theodor Paleologu stated on Europa FM that he would not want the idea that Piedone is PDL’s candidate for City Hall to persist. “For me it’s inadmissible to have to choose between Oprescu and Piedone in 2012. My pride as a Bucharester simply explodes,” Paleologu stated

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