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February 1, 2023

Gigi Becali and Porumboiu want to boycott League 1

Steaua financier Gigi Becali and FC Vaslui financier Adrian Porumboiu have decided that their teams will not start the second half of the season unless the Central Commission of Referees (CCA) starts using foreign referees, realitatea.net informs.

Gigi Becali admitted that the fault that resulted in a penalty ruled for Steaua in the game it won against FC Brasov was non-existent, but pointed out his team should have benefited from a penalty in its game against Ceahlaul. The club owner revealed for GSP TV that he talked with FC Vaslui owner Adrian Porumboiu and they agreed the two teams will not start the second half of the season unless CCA starts using foreign referees. “I believe it wasn’t a penalty but I don’t want the referees to give me what isn’t mine. I want what’s mine, namely a penalty in Piatra Neamt. I said there is a God and He can’t allow the referees’ mistakes to go unsanctioned because they steal these children’s work. I can’t stand Mitica Dragomir with his grudges towards me, because I can’t stand it, although I promised I won’t say anything else about him. How could I benefit from favourable refereeing? I called Adrian Porumboiu at half time and told him we shouldn’t start the second half of the season without foreign referees, I can’t take it anymore. But we should be real men, we should sign this in blood. Porumboiu gave me his word of honour that he’ll sign, promising he won’t start the second half of the season unless they bring foreign referees. I don’t want any kind of advantages from the referees, I want fair refereeing, that’s all,” Gigi Becali stated.

On the other hand, Steaua’s financier is ready to make any financial sacrifice to win the title this season. According to prosport, Gigi Becali announced the bonuses for attaining that goal too: EUR 200,000 apiece! “I’ll double the players’ bonuses! I’ll give them EUR 200,000 if they manage to beat Dinamo, CFR and Vointa Sibiu and win the title,” Gigi Becali stated.

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