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November 30, 2021

A first for the Romanian Rugby Cup: the big final to be played in Alba Iulia

The final of the national rugby cup will be played in Alba Iulia this year, this being the first time when the big match is not being held on “Arcul de Triumf” arena in Bucharest. The big finale of the Romanian Rugby Cup – Gold Corporation will confront two traditional rivals in the sport with the oval ball: CSM Baia Mare, Eugen Apjok’s team and RCM MVT Timisoara. This would be the fifth match of 2011 between the two major clubs with tradition in rugby. The first four were won by the team from Baia Mare, the last time with accusations of referee errors, formulated by the team from Timisoara. Hence, the Romanian Rugby Federation took the decision to bring foreign referees.

This spring, Rosia Montana Gold Corporation became the official partner of FRR and sponsor of the Romanian Rugby Cup.  This is the reason why the name of the competition took the name of the sponsor. This practice is usual in other sports as well, like in football for example, where the Romanian Cup has been carrying the name “Timisoreana” for a few years.

The last finals of the Romanian Rugby Cup were usually organized in Bucharest, but this year the game will be played on Unirea stadium in Alba-Iulia, on Saturday, December 3rd, at 13.00 h.

Another first is expected in what concerns the number of viewers. The organizers expect a record number of viewers in the stands, double compared to the capacity offered by the arena in Bucharest. The estimation seems realistic, since the people in Banat have already announced that eight buses with fans would take the trip in order to show their support for their favorite team.

Eugen Apjok, the coach of the fresh champion CSM Baia Mare, declares that he wants to have a beautiful victory “to successfully end a very good year.”

On the other side, Danut Borzas, the manager of the club along the Bega River states that “We will jump at the chance to win, even though we have a number of injured players and Fercu was suspended”. However – according to the appreciations of the former major rugby player from Timisoara and current club manager – this is just a preview of the big match which is to be played next year. In 2012 Stiinta Timisoara will celebrate 40 years since it won its first champion title.

The final of the Romanian Rugby Cup – Gold Corporation on Saturday will be broadcast on GSP TV, including online.

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