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June 29, 2022

Saint Andrew, patron saint of Romania, celebrated today

The Romanian Orthodox Church celebrates on November 30 the feast of the Holy Apostle Andrew, the one who, according to tradition, Christianized the Romanian people and whom the Church honours as “the First-called”, as he was the first to answer Christ’s call to the Apostolate. In 1997, the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church proclaimed Saint Andrew the patron saint of Romania, while November 30 was declared a national religious holiday. In the old days, people used to cover the walls of their homes with garlic and eat garlic as a means of protection against evil spirits. The feast of Saint Andrew is marked on November 30 in the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Anglican calendar.

Over 660,000 Romanians, including 336,952 men and 331,380 women, celebrate their name-day on Saint Andrew’s day, according to the Interior Ministry’s Database Administration Direction.

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