Transylvania motorway to be completed in… 2026

The Transylvania motorway will be finalised no sooner than 2020, but could just as well be ready in 2026, 22 years after the work actually began, with an investment the costs of which has long exceeded the originally planned amounts and which could be a good candidate for the Guinness Book of Records thanks to its slow performance, Mediafax reports. The technical documents of the investment reveal that the project will not be completed any time before 2020 but that it may also be ready in 2026, which means that a person who was born on the year the contract was signed will be a university graduate when he or she can expect to drive on the entire motorway.

According to the document that includes the scheduling of payments still waiting for funding and the operating and maintenance costs after the investment is fully implemented, the state will spend another RON 2.3 bln in the next four years –  RON 431.3 M in 2012, RON 651.2 M in 2013, RON 352.6 M in 2014 and RON 866 M in 2015. The same document also includes additional costs amounting to RON 4.8 bln for the ‘years after’ 2015, without indicating a clear deadline for the completion of the project.

In point of road quality, according to the latest report by the World Economic Forum, Romania is trying to overcome – still without success – competitors like Namibia, Botswana, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Trinidad Tobago, Tanzania, Uganda or Burkina Faso.

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