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April 20, 2021

Vanghelie upset with PSD leadership

PSD Vice President Marian Vanghelie stated that he will remain within the party only on certain conditions and he analyzes the possibility of forming a new left-wing party alongside colleagues from several PSD branches. Talking on B1 TV, he pointed out that he did not mend fences with Victor Ponta and is still upset. Moreover, Marian Vanghelie stated that he analyzes the possibility of organizing a new left-wing party because he never knows when he may be excluded. “Considering these disputes, I expect being kicked out maybe tomorrow or maybe a week from now,” the District 5 Mayor underlined. One of the conditions that Marian Vanghelie raised in order to remain within the party consists of maintaining in office the presidents of party branches in Giurgiu, Calarasi, Buzau and Braila. Likewise, he asked Victor Ponta to stop Robert Negoita, Dan Sova and Cristian Rizea from appearing on TV. Vanghelie’s most important condition was to have him reinstated as President of PSD’s Bucharest branch, ‘Gandul’ daily writes.

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