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November 25, 2022

Nadlac-Arad motorway completion, questioned

The Motorways Company says there is no reason of concern while the soil collapses.

The constructors of the Nadlac-Arad motorway, part of Pan-European Transport Corridor IV, now have to demolish virtually everything they have done so far, having worked at maximum intensity for two months, trying to stay within the schedule, Realitatea.net reports. Aradon.ro quotes sources from the Romstrade association of contractors as saying that thousands of tons of soil that had been set up and raised to support the future motorway now need to be scattered and replaced with a different kind of soil. ‘The current soil won’t settle and scatters by itself. It has been repeatedly rammed, using all sorts of equipment, to no avail. The only solution is to demolish the current hammocks made of inadequate soil and replace it with a different type of soil that can be rammed. If we continue like this, the motorway will definitely be compromised’, said worksite sources.

Following recent information on the construction of the Nadlac-Arad motorway segment, lot 1, the National Motorways and National Roads Company of Romania (CNADNR) in turn says this is the regular procedure. ‘This action is for the construction of experimental segments to help comply with the parameters required by the project and applicable technical regulations’, money.ro notes. Therefore, the fact that some of the experimental segments are now being redone is not a reason of concern about the meeting the execution deadline, but should be seen instead as a precaution regarding the quality of the execution of future work, CNADNR also notes, stressing that the performance of experimental segments is standard procedure for all contracts for works and do not involve any time extensions or additional costs.

Under the contract imposed by the Company with regard to all motorway segments along Pan-European Transport Corridor IC, awarded this year, the value of the contract updated to statistical indicators or legislative changes may not be exceeded by any more than 10 per cent. In addition, any delay in completing the contract beyond the stipulated deadline – April 2013 – incurs a penalty of 0.1 per cent of the accepted contract value (as determined by engineers), exclusive of VAT, for every day.

The worksite of the motorway was opened by PM Emil Boc and Transport Minister Anca Boagiu. At the time, the government officials were announcing that the work was to comply with the pre-established schedule and that any delay would be penalised.

Competition authority fines 25 road constructors with EUR 430,000

The Competition Council has sanctioned 25 road and motorway construction companies with fines totalling RON 1.8 M (the equivalent of EUR 430,000) for not supplying information within an investigation the purpose of which was a better knowledge of the relevant market, according to Mediafax. Under the Competition Law, the failure to give information may be fines with 0.1-1 per cent of the company’s turnover.

The companies that have received the sanction are: Agenda 21-G, Apolodor Com Impex, Astaldi Spa Italia – Romania Bucharest subsidiary, Axa Genius, Banatica Group, Conprin, Constructii-Proiect, Corpres, Dioma International Exim, Domus Prest, Eurogrup DG Transport, Geosist Construct, Gyndani Impex, Imob Lux Construct, Intercoman, Intreprindere Montaj-Instalatii, Laurel, Lena Constructii Romania, Lena Engenharia e Construcoes SA Portugal – Bucharest subsidiary, Lena Eurometal Construct, Muha, Nikostimpex, Rioliv si Roco and Zalex DG Cons.

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