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September 20, 2021

Romanians see themselves as hospitable and querulous

According to the ISRA Center study “Romanian Patriotism” made public yesterday, less than half of Romanians (41 pc) declare themselves patriots. The residents of  Banat and Muntenia declare themselves as the most patriotic, with 60 and 50 pc respectively describing themselves that way. “The young population, 20 through 24 years old, are the least patriotic, as only 30 pc depicted themselves as such. In their turn, the largest proportion,48 pc, of those belonging to the segment 50-59 years old consider themselves patriotic. Romanians see themselves as hospitable, 36 pc, generous, 30 pc, hardworking, 28 pc, but also querulous, 28 pc. A quarter of the study participants believe that Romanians are kind, 26 pc, and 25 pc say their fellow nationals are slack. They see Romanians as best defined by the phrase “Smile in the face of adversity”, with 47 pc of the interviewees ranking it among the top three expression best fit to define Romanians, along with “I want you to hurt like I do”, 44 pc, “Time will tell” 40 pc, and  “It doesn’t matter which way you do it” (36 pc). The study was conducted on a representative sample of 1,111 respondents, November 7-19, 2011.

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