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December 4, 2021

Elena Udrea backs cabinet reshuffle

The Tourism Minister argues such a measure is needed “to win back the trust of the people”.

By    Daniela Baragan

The Democrat-Liberals resu­med this weekend the topic of a government reshuffle, claiming that this may hold the “key” to winning back the people’s trust in the party. Tourism Minister Elena Udrea is among the supporters of this idea.

She stated on Saturday on Realitatea TV that, although the current Cabinet had not committed “errors of the essence”, a reshuffle is needed, nonetheless, for people to see some new faces. “Prime-minister Boc had an exceptional term. He managed to push through very difficult economic measures and reforms. He took the right measures and this was proved in Brussels,” Udrea argued, quoted by realitatea.net. Backing a reshuffle for its own sake rather that one grounded on solid political reasons, the Democrat-Liberal minister argues that the ripe time for initiating the procedure would be after the 2012 public budget law is adopted in Parliament. However, according to Elena Udrea, the decision concerning which of the ministers are to be replaced and when belongs to prime-minister Boc. Yet, when asked whether the reshuffle she proposed included the premier, she replied: “A government is represented by the prime-minister”, which would suggest she believes the measure should include Boc.

Along the same line of a “renewal” of the political class, Elena Udrea argued on Saturday, during the Democrat-Liberal Youth (TDL) gala, that people were sick and tired of the present political generation and Democrat-Liberal youth had a chance to be the politicians the society had been waiting for. Indeed, she told TDL members that they should persuade the young generation, which sought refuge in the Internet and is no longer interested in politics, to come to the polls.

“When I look at Victor Ponta, at Banicioiu (e.n. Social Democratic Party deputy Nicolae Banicioiu) or Robert Negoita, I realize that this generation of politicians has failed. You have to succeed, to be the generation of politicians the society, the youth, has been waiting for,” the Tourism Minister argued, adding that 2012, an election year, would be a difficult one for the Democratic-Liberal Party (PDL) and all its members and supporters should get mobilised.

All “guns” pointed to the opposition

PDL president, the prime-minister Emil Boc, also centred his speech during the TDL gala on criticising the representatives of the opposition, Victor Ponta and, respectively, Crin Antonescu, who, he argued, were becoming more and more desperate as the EU was turning away from demagogy and populism.

“These days, the more they see the EU is abandoning populism and demagogy, the more desperate Mr. Antonescu and Mr. Ponta become, as they feel the ground is crumbling beneath their feet, a ground built on empty promises, populism, demagogy and the desire to win votes making promises which the economy couldn’t back even for a month,” Boc stated, quoted by Mediafax, adding that the solutions the opposition leaders propose begin to be abandoned even by the political families they belong to. According to the prime-minister, if Romania had applied the policies proposed by Ponta and Antonescu in 2008, its 2011 deficit would have amounted to -14 pc and the public debt would have surpassed the maximum 60 pc of GDP, which would have been tantamount to economic collapse.

In turn, PDL senior deputy-president Gheorghe Flutur argued that Ponta and Antonescu would be “put out of the job of making accusations” after the EU confirmed the need for the austerity measures already taken by the Romanian government.

“Wage cuts will be enforced as well by the Italians, the Spaniards and the Germans. Ponta and Antonescu will be put out of the job of making accusations. What kind of promises can they make based on a restricted budget? Their promises would lead to a 15 pc-deficit,” Flutur stated. In his opinion, the next elections would be won by the coalition which tells things as they are, rather than the one which makes promises it can’t keep.

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