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October 23, 2020

President passes US ballistic defence project

President Traian Basescu announced last evening that he promulgated the US-Romania ballistic defence agreement which provides that elements of the American anti-missile shield in Europe will be deployed to Deveselu airbase in the south of the country. The president also detailed the main decisions made by the country’s Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) earlier yesterday, including the plan of deployment for Romanian troops abroad next year. Thus, the number of Defence Ministry forces will be decreased by 177, to a total of 2,348, while the number of Interior Ministry forces will be increa­sed by 36 people, to a total of 382. All the 106 gendarmes in Kosovo, as part of the EULEX mission there, will be withdrawn as of December 24, the president said, while 64 Defence Minis­try troops will remain in the country with KFOR. Another topic on CSAT’s agenda was the plan of informative priorities for intelligence structures, which sets clear duties for all intelligence agencies, Basescu said.

Talks also focused on the Interior Mi­nis­try’s restructuring process, the president underlining that 9,330 have been laid off and the process will continue.

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