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July 3, 2022

Media: TVR debts exceed EUR 100 M

According to a report published by ‘Jurnalul National’, the public channel TVR is in the red by more than EUR 100 M. Nevertheless, the public television still pays monthly wages of RON 5,200 to debutants and spends hundreds of thousands of euros for each broadcast of an international match, the newspaper says. According to the transcript of discussions held in the TVR Board of Administrators meeting of November 29, published by the newspaper, Lucia Hossu Longin reproached the Chairman of the Board, Alexandru Lazescu, that the Social-Economic Department hired a young woman “which did not have one day of experience in the press” on a salary of RON 5,200, while award-winning show producers only earn some RON 3,000.

Hossu Longin also claimed that journalist Mircea Marian is paid RON 9,700 for his talk show, and his colleague Ioana Lupea – RON 6,100. Speaking of the latter, Hossu Longin said: “First, I must teach her television, because she knows nothing at all, second she is ugly, and third she is a slow thinker.” “We have a burden, a historic debt of about EUR 100 M,” the Chairman of the Board said on the same occasion, adding that this is “money owed in various forms.” In her turn, Board member Anne Marie Juganaru reproached Lazescu that “when this Board was invested with authority, the deficit was around 14 or 15 million,” while another member, Mihaela Voicu said that all TVR accounts – except that opened in RBS – are blocked, because “ANAF impounded them.” Despite this critical situation, the transcript published by Jurnalul National shows that the Board talked about paying royalties worth some EUR 200,000 for broadcasting an international football match, and even a package worth over EUR 3 M for airing the UEFA matches.

Commenting on the matter, PSD Senator Olguta Vasilescu wrote on her personal blog that she would notify the Court of Accounts today over TVR’s debts of EUR 100 M.

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