Sacrificing a portion of democracy for austerity measures has paid off

Lazaroiu says people’s discontent at the Democrat Liberal Party diminishes. PDL leaders argued among themselves over the party’s candidate for Bucharest mayor’s office and the Popular Movemen

Democrat-Liberal leaders have again gone on attack against the Social Liberal Union (USL), while also being concerned with picking the eligible candidates for the Bucharest mayor’s office over which a fierce battle is expected to be fought.

While on a Realitatea TV programme, former presidential adviser Sebastian Lazaroiu said that all those who opted for the USL only did so from discontentment over the Government’s austerity measures in 2010. “This is a frail electorate we are talking here, as the USL has not come up with enough measures by any means. USL changed its discourse: they no longer talk about salary and pension increases, since they see why was it that austerity measures had been necessary. As people understand that, people’s discontent at the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) diminishes,” Lazaroiu said, in whose view democracy has suffered during the past couple of years, although “sacrificing a small portion of democracy to allow those austerity measures being taken has paid off”. Referring to the much expected Snow White, prophesized by Lazaroiu himself, he says it doesn’t necessarily be equated with a new party, but rather with moving towards a new political order.

In an “Evenimentul Zilei” interview, PDL spokesman Sever Voinescu too refers to a new trend emerging in the party, the Popular Movement namely, which he views as being met with the wrong approach from the PDL. “PDL leaders have begun talking a great deal, expressing views (…) There is a sort of fashion in the PDL which I dislike. The Romanian politician is exercising no caution anymore, they don’t even mimic wisdom. When camera rolls on, they start talking and talking and saying anything that comes to their mind. A few weeks on, we agreed to show more discretion over this topic and be more consistent as far as political action is concerned. (…) Anyway, the project has not been shelved,” Voinescu said, who is convinced that the PDL has the chance to get the Cluj City Hall back, despite the huge corruption scandal that resulted in the arrest of Democrat-Liberal mayor Sorin Apostu: Our Cluj organisation is obviously affected by what happened. However, I know that the strength of this organisation did not come from one or two members, but from the spirit specific to that place also rooted in the political option and deep ethics of the Cluj residents.

On the other hand, USL does not exist in Cluj, actually. Also, Voinescu suggested that the anti-corruption prosecutors still have to deal with corruption among party members, mostly with those from among the opposition, criticising Social-Democrat Party (PSD) President Victor Ponta. “Ponta would like to be premier and, as far as I see, his premiership programme has one and only point, to put all of us democrat-liberals behind bars. (…) Somebody should show this kid the right direction, to honestly explain him that it is not the position you are chasing after that makes your dream come true. Who knows, he might get to become premier, and he will see he cannot put people in jail as he wishes and starts crying. We should shelter him from such traumas!”

Stolojan does not see Videanu, Macovei or Paleologu win race for Bucharest mayor

PDL MEP Theodor Stolojan on Sunday told Radio Europa FM that, were Adriean Videanu, Monica Macovei or Toader Paleologu to enter the race for Bucharest mayor, none of them “would be the suitable candidate for the City Hall” and would be nominated as contenders. Stolojan said that, despite the delay, it’s the internal polls to point to who is the right person for the City Hall, and he’s confident PDL would have its own mayoral candidate nonetheless.

In his turn, Senator Radu Berceanu believes that Adriean Videanu would be a good choice for mayoral runner on the PDL ticket, given he’s been a mayor before. Bercea told RFI that it is nonetheless the party which should pick the candidate, so that there would not be a repeat of last election’s scenario, which resulted in “catastrophe”.

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