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August 12, 2022

‘Miki Spaga’ handed one year suspended sentence

Rulings in the cases featuring ex-PM Adrian Nastase, PC founder Dan Voiculescu and MEP Gigi Becali were postponed until January 2012.

By    Daniela Baragan

UNPR Senator Serban Mihailescu, also known by the nick-name of ‘Miki Spaga’ / ‘Miki Bribe’, was convicted yesterday by the Supreme Court, who handed down a one year suspended sentence in the ‘Hunting Rifles’ case where he was accused of corruption in connection with the reception of several rifles from his former adviser, Fanel Pavalache. Passes over five years after his prosecution, the sentence is not final and may be appealed before the panel of five judges from the Supreme Court. The Court also ordered the defendant to pay the state RON 2,000 in court expenditures. The seven rifles will remain in the state’s custody.

According to Mediafax, Mihailescu was given a five-year suspended sentence for receiving undue benefits and one year suspended sentence for the violation of the regime of arms and ammunitions, the punishment retained in the end being one year suspended sentence.

The National Anti-Cor­ruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors in March 2006 referred to court Serban Mihailescu, former co-ordinating Minister of the Government Secretariat General, on the charge of reception of undue benefits and violation of the regime of arms and ammunitions in the ‘Hunting Rifles’ case. According to the indictment, in April – May 2002, Mihailescu received from his former adviser Fanel Pavalache nine hunting rifles worth ROL 264,000,000 ROL, after appointing him his adviser in 2001.In the April—October 2002 period, the rifles were unduly in the defendant’s possession, being stored at state protocol Villa 5 in Snagov.

Rulings postponed in Nastase, Voiculescu and Becali cases

Although decisions were also expected yesterday in the cases of Adrian Nastase cases – ‘Quality Trophy’ – Dan Voiculescu – ‘Food Research Institute’ – and Gigi Becali ‘Suitcase’ – , the rulings were postponed, according to Romania libera. As far as Nastase is concerned, he was referred to court in 2009 with the charge of ‘using the influence or the authority of his office as president of a party (PSD, in the election year 2004 – our note) for obtaining for himself or for other parties money, goods or benefits’. In Dan Voiculescu’s case, the anti-corruption prosecutors claim the PC honorary president had derived personal benefits from the fraudulent privatisation of the Food Research Institute (ICA), the institute’s assets being undervaluated by over EUR 7.7 M. On the other hand, MEP Gigi Becali was sent to trial in the ‘Suitcase’ affair on charges of bribe giving and misrepresentation in signed documents.

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