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May 18, 2021

WC 2014 qualifiers: Romania to play first game against Estonia

Romania’s national football team will start its World Cup 2014 qualifiers by playing against Estonia and will end 2012 with two “fiery” games in just four days’ time: an away game against Turkey and a home game against Ne­therlands.

Here is the schedule established by the draws that took place on Tuesday in Am­sterdam: (2012) September 7: An­do­rra vs. Hungary, ESTONIA vs. ROMANIA, Ne­ther­lands vs. Turkey; September 11: Turkey vs. Estonia, RO­MA­­NIA vs. ANDORRA, Hun­gary vs. Netherlands; October 12: TURKEY vs. ROMANIA, Estonia vs. Hungary and Nether­lands vs. Andorra; October 16: ROMA­NIA vs. NETHERLANDS, Hun­gary vs. Turkey, Andorra vs. Estonia; (2013) March 22: HUNGARY vs. ROMA­NIA, Andorra vs. Tur­key, Nether­lands vs. Estonia; March 26: Turkey vs. Hun­­gary, Estonia vs. Andorra, NE­THER­­LANDS vs. ROMANIA; Sep­tem­ber 6: Turkey vs. Andorra, ROMANIA vs. HUNGARY, Estonia vs. Ne­ther­­lands; Sep­tember 10: Hungary vs. Esto­nia, RO­MA­NIA vs. TUR­KEY, An­do­rra vs. Ne­ther­lands; October 11: AN­DORRA vs. ROMANIA, Es­tonia vs. Turkey, Ne­ther­lands vs. Hungary; October 15: Tur­key vs. Ne­ther­lands, ROMANIA vs. ES­TO­NIA, Hungary vs. An­dorra.

The schedule will become official only after it is ratified by FIFA.

Present in Amsterdam, head coach Victor Piturca ex­pres­sed his satisfaction. “Lo­oking strictly from our point of view, the schedule is good, incomparably better than the one established on October 24, the one we didn’t accept. We can win maximum points from our first two games, then we’ll play two difficult games in October 2012 and March 2013, but we’ll finish the campaign with an advantageous schedule, by playing three games at home and one away. The Netherlands has a more difficult schedule, but we should be interested exclusively in our team. Anyway, I’m pleased,” Pi­tur­ca stated for the Romanian Football Fe­deration’s (FRF) official website.

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