George Copos wants to sell Rapid for RON 1

Rapid Bucharest owner Rapid Copos announced on his blog that he has decided to retire from the world of football and to give up 99.97 per cent of the club’s shares in exchange for RON 1 to whoever is willing to continue financing the club, because of the incidents that took place in the game that Rapid won against FC Vaslui (3-2). “What I saw in last evening’s game is other-worldly, something from a world that is not mine and in which I no longer find my place. I no longer bear believing I am involved in a certain sport that in fact turns out to be different, having rules that I don’t know,” George Copos wrote on his blog. “With the sweet taste of a great victory, on top of which comes the bitter taste of a profoundly corrupt football world, I took the decision to end my formal relation with football. The end of this year is also the end of the time I spent as an investor in football. I have decided to step down from Rapid. I am publicly announcing that I am ready to give up my 99.97 per cent participation within this club, in exchange for RON 1, to any person willing to take over Rapid’s shares and financing.” This is not the first time in recent years that George Copos announces he will give up the club.  Tuesday’s evening game, the last game of the first half of the League I season, was marred by vehement complaints against the refereeing and by FC Vaslui owner’s accusations against Rapid. Thus, Adrian Porumboiu considers that Rapid’s leadership got in touch with several FC Vaslui players before the game in order to bribe them. The Professional Football League has announced that it will start an investigation.

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