Unemployment rate stagnated in July-September

The unemployment rate of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) stagnated in July-September against the previous quarter, to 7.2 pc, but is higher than in Q3 of the previous year, when the indicator calculated following ILO criteria stood at 6.9 pc, the National Statistics Institute (INS) announced yesterday. On gender basis, the gap between the two ILO unemployment rates was 1.2 percent points (7.8 pc for men, vs. 6.6 pc for women), while depending on the areas of residence it reached 3.8 percent points (8.9 pc urban vs. 5.1 pc rural). The ILO unemployment rate reached the highest level (24.1 pc) among youths (aged 15-24). ILO considers as jobless the people aged from 15 to 74 that simultaneously meet the following three conditions: have no job; are available to start working within two weeks; actively sought a job in the last four weeks.

In Q3, Romania’s active population amounted to 9.949 million people, of which 9.231 million were occupied and 718,000 were ILO jobless.

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