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March 2, 2021

Bill to make begging punishable by jail

The Democrat-Liberal Party (PDL) deputy Stefan Pirpiliu proposed a bill which places a ban on begging and which stipulates a prison sentence ranging between six months and two years for individuals who pursue this activity, as well as fines of RON 300 to RON 600 for those who give money to beggars. The bill was filed this month and is currently at the Senate, which is the first Chamber notified. Under the bill, the beggar is “one which asks the people for material assistance” and begging comprises “the act of begging and the result thereof; collecting money as a means of earning a living”. The bill further stipulates that the sums of money collected through begging should be confiscated. Authorities entrusted with safeguarding law and order would have the prerogatives to enforce these provisions.

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