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September 24, 2021

Hockey player Cosmin Marinescu’s aggressors, suspended

Istvan Gereb, Molnar Akos si Antal Alfred, all of them members of Romania’s U-16 ice hockey team, were suspended for an open-ended period by the Ethics Commission of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR), after they assaulted Cosmin Marinescu (photo) in the locker room, December 1, while in a training camp in Miercurea Ciuc.

“The Ethics Commission of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee has ratified the proposals from COSR Chairman Octavian Morariu to suspend Istvan Gereb, Molnar Akos si Antal Alfred, all of them members of the national team, for an indefinite period of time from Romania’s ice hockey team, whose preparation for the winter edition of the Olympic Festival of the European Youth <FOTE 2013> is underway, and to sanction coaches Otto Keresztes si Istvan Gereb with reprimand. It has also been decided that the Romanian ice hockey team for FOTE 2013 to be under permanent monitoring by the COSR,” according to a press release by the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee. During the Miercurea Ciuc training camp, the Romanian player was hit with wet towels and sworn at by fellow teammates of Magyar ethnicity for the mere reason he is Romanian, information confirmed by the president of the Romanian Hockey Federation (FRH).

“One of the boys, Antal Alfred, swore at me in Magyar, and I asked him to tell what he has to say in Romanian, given it was Romania’s National Day and they too are Romanian. Then, several of them began shouting they are not Romaian and spoke bad of Romania. Later on, in the shower, they turned off the lights and hit me with wet towels,” the assualted player said in a complaint lodged by his father to the FRH.

FRH President Tanczos Barna, a Romanian Magyar himself, expressed his hope the assaulters will not be banned from the sport for life.

“I have said right from the start we respect this decision yet, I don’t think they should be banned from the sport for life. They must learn from their mistakes. (…)  The suspended player will not be part of the team in tournaments, they will only train with their team, SC Miercurea Ciuc, and join the team in domestic and international competititons. When they are allowed to return to the national team they will do so. It may be one year from now, two, or five years, or maybe less,” the FRH president told la Realitatea TV.

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