US missile shield agreement comes into force

The Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Romania on the Deployment of the Ballistic Missile Defence System in Romania came into force on Friday, December 23, the Foreign Ministry said in a release. The document underlines that the US ballistic missile interceptor system will be located in the Deveselu airbase, as a component part of the European Phased Adaptive Approach against ballistic missiles, set to be completed in 2015. But the agreement, signed on September 13 this year, was again criticised by Russia. New Deputy PM Dmitri Rogozin, former envoy to NATO, ridiculed the Romanians for allowing components of the missile defence system on their territory, saying that they will have no control over it, Russia Today reported. “The Romanians may think they are important interception missile operators but even the base commander, a Romanian serviceman, has the right to enter only the lobby,” Rogozin said, adding that the commander will never visit the control station for a very simple reason: that the base is American, not NATO. Reacting to the statements, the Foreign Ministry told Mediafax that Rogozin’s words were erroneous. The ministry added that the control and command of the defence system will be taken by NATO, in line with specific rules of the Alliance.

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