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August 10, 2022

Gheorghe Falca steps down as first vice- president of PDL Arad

Arad Mayor Gheorghe Falca has tendered his resignation as first vice-president of the Arad branch of the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), Mediafax quoted county sources as saying. His reason for resigning is his father-in-law and president of the PDL Arad Gheorghe Seculici being chosen as candidate for chairman of the Arad County Council in the 2012 election. According to the sources quoted, Falca endorses the current chairman, Nicolae Iotcu, while other local senior party members back his father-in-law, who has been Arad County Council chairman before and is now a council member. In the Arad PDL session where the arguments arose, Falca gave party polls placing Iotcu ahead of Seculici by a couple of percentage points as the reason for supporting the current chairman instead. Falca is also reported to have stated he would not team up with his father-in-law in local the election, as this would create a negative image in the press, adding he would drop out of the race if Seculici insisted on standing for head of the County Council. “Gheorghe Falca has submitted his written resignation, yet I prefer to make no comments until I find out what his reasons are,” said  Seculici.

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