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December 5, 2020

New civil procedure code to be enforced on June 1

The new civil procedure code will come into effect on June 1, Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu said in a press statement yesterday, according to Mediafax. The minister told reporters that the new code if one of the Justice Ministry’s strategic objectives. He also announced that the new criminal code and the criminal procedure code will come into force in May-June 2013.

The latest European Commission report on justice reform progress, released in July last year, noted the fact Romania took steps to improve judiciary procedures and continued preparations for the implementation of four new codes. In order to increase the pace of justice reform further, the European Commission said Romania should adopt an implementation plan for the civil code (which came into effect a few months ago) and the three other new codes – penal code, civil procedure and penal procedure codes, which are set to be implemented this year.

In the same press statement yesterday, Predoiu said the supreme guarantee of a correct justice system remains the efficiency and integrity of its members and honest magistrates have to rally for a new mentality in the system. The minister added that in the context of current economic difficulties, a rise in crime is expected and the legal system must give an appropriate response to this phenomenon. “More efficient efforts against tax evasion are needed. (…) We need drastic sanctions against criminality of all sorts, including organised crime. We need dissuasive sanctions in corruption cases. We cannot keep on bearing the corrupt country label,” Predoiu said.

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