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October 25, 2020

Tokes wants proportional representation of minorities in Parliament

In an open letter, EuroDeputy Laszlo Tokes sought the support of President Traian Basescu for enforcing the principle of ethnic proportionality in the electoral legislation, prior to this year’s elections. “By introducing the principle of representing minorities in the Parliament based on their share of the total population of Romania, we want – on one hand – to depoliticise political debate in Romania and – on the other – to remove the political monopoly of UDMR upon the representation of ethnic Hungarians, thus solving the deficit of democracy within the Hungarian community,” the president of the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania (CNMT), Tokes Laszlo said in a press conference held Friday in Oradea, quoted by Mediafax. According to the MEP, in the case of the Hungarian minority the electoral threshold of 5 pc of valid ballots generates “a democracy deficit” within the community. Tokes’ initiative is also supported by the Covasna branch of the Hungarian Civic Party (PCM). Kulcsar Terza, the president of PCM Covasna believes that ethnic Hungarian parties should not compete with Romanian parties in elections, but instead they should dispute between each other, inside the Hungarian community, a set number of places in the Parliament. Tokes, together with Toro Tibor – the interim president of the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania – works on a plan aimed at “the economic self-determination of Transylvania.” Senate vice-president Cristian Diaconescu, a leader of UNPR, described Tokes’ proposal as “exotic and coming at an inappropriate moment,” as he considers that “political parties should enter the political combat on equal positions and with means that are the same for everybody.”

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