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May 12, 2021

Mircea Lucescu undergoes successful surgery, remains hospitalized

Mircea Lucescu underwent a successful surgery on Sunday, at the University Hospital in Bucharest, following the car crash he was involved in last Friday and that left him with severe chest trauma.

The surgery lasted two hours and was handled by Elena Copaciu (head of the hospital’s intensive care ward), Florin Chirculescu (head of the hospital’s chest surgery department) and Ioan Cordos (head of Nasta Clinic’s chest surgery ward).

“We had to go to surgery because a complication had appeared, an excess of pleural liquid. The procedure lasted two hours. Mircea Lucescu is in intensive care now and he has a difficult period ahead of him,” Catalin Carstoiu, the manager of the University Hospital, stated for hotnews.ro.

“The surgery went on well, we were glad that the patient didn’t have pulmonary lesions. The haematoma was caused by fractured ribs. We hope things will evolve well, he is a robust guy. (…) He will be hospitalized for several days,” Professor Ioan Cordos stated.

Shakhtar Donetsk owner Rinat Ahmetov visited Mircea Lucescu on Sunday. The businessman was in Bucharest for several hours, talking to the press on several occasions. “I came here only to see Mr. Lucescu but we won’t take him to Ukraine. (…) I hope he’ll get over this moment fast. I have confidence in Ukrainian doctors, Mircea Lucescu has confidence in the Romanian doctors, so I have confidence in them too. Mircea is not only the head coach of my team, he is also my friend,” Ahmetov stated.

Mircea Lucescu has also given his first statements about the crash: “The tram could have avoided the collision! I saw him dozens of meters away and I imagined he will hit the brakes. God forgive me but I have the impression he wanted to hit me,” Mircea Lucescu stated for ‘Gazeta Sporturilor.’

According to the hospital’s spokesperson, Mircea Lucescu suffered severe chest trauma and several broken ribs. On Saturday he underwent a chest drain procedure after the quantity of blood inside his chest cavity “rose slightly.”

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