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May 6, 2021

PDL announces priorities for 2012

Reviewing the Constitution, administrative reorganisation, the healthcare law, the reform of state-owned companies and the consolidation of the fiscal reform – democrat-liberals’ main targets.  PM Boc: Partnership with Traian Basescu, ‘key to success.’

Yesterday, after the meeting of the National Standing Bureau, Prime-Minster Emil Boc presented PDL’s priorities for 2012, including the creation of jobs and modernisation of the state by reviewing the Constitution, administrative reorganisation, the healthcare law, the reform of state-owned companies or the consolidation of the fiscal reform. He pointed out that the PDL projects regarding the modernisation of the state would be implemented in a partnership with President Traian Basescu, which, according to him, is ‘the key to success.’ Emil Boc also said the Constitution should reflect the cut in number of MPs, the unicameral parliament and the decisions made within the European Financial Agreement. The PDL president also sad the administrative-territorial reorganisation of the country must be completed in 2012 even if for the moment it is not supported by all the members of the coalition. Another extremely important priority, according to the PM, is the adoption of the healthcare law.

According to Boc, state-owned companies should be bringing money to the budget rather than consuming resources and that can be achieved though a reform designed by the government. As for the consolidation of the fiscal reform, the prime-minister said the objectives contained in the state budget regarding the deficit target and economic growth would be fulfilled. He further said that, from the point of view of jobs, the measures to be taken were in the area of European funds and support for investment. Emil Boc also pointed out that money would be reallocated form the European funds for the renovation of apartment buildings in terms of energy efficiency and the business environment would be supported by sovereign guarantees and government programmes.

According to Boc, PDL’s target for 2012 is to draw EUR bln 6 European funds.  ‘I want to intensify our work in combating tax evasion also in 2012,’ Boc also said, adding that, this year PDL would need to better explain the measures taken by the government so far.

The reshuffle subject wasn’t apparently tacked during the PDL meeting, although the national media had been mentioning it as imminent lately and several Democrat-Liberal leaders have voiced positions either in favour or against it. ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily yesterday published a feature stating that PDL was considering a strategic change of the Boc Cabinet in order to re-establish voters’ confidence in the party before the autumn elections. The idea is supported by at least part of PDL decision-makers such as Senate Speaker Vasile Blaga, MP Raluca Turcan or spokesman Sever Voinescu.

According to the quoted source, the list of ministers who may be reshuffled includes Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi, Finance Minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu, Interior Minister Traian Igas, Agriculture Minister Valeriu Tabara and Communications Minister Valerian Vreme, but also Economy Minister Ion Ariton who has been recently criticised in public by President Traian Basescu. Finance Minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu said yesterday, according to Mediafax, that his Ministry had done its job and was preparing for the first IMF-EC mission or the year. He also said that a reshuffle is anyway the prime-minister’s decision. Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi, in turn, told national radio yesterday that the Government’s priorities were ‘of a much broader public interest’ than the reshuffle, ‘a subject that is periodically reheated on various personal agendas without it having any actual relevance for the political life.’ At the week-end, the chief Romanian diplomat was stating that he had not heard about the reshuffle and that, anyway, he didn’t feel that he was a target.

Yesterday, questioned about the reshuffle, Development Minister Elena Udrea said it is something that is done and not discussed and that the more people talk about, the less opportune it is.

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