Basescu accuses judges of ‘transparent corruption’

President Traian Basescu stated on Monday on Realitatea TV, following the European Court for Human Rights’ recent decision, which ruled the 25 pc-wage cuts were legal, that he was wondering “what our honourable judges, who ruled that the Romanian state should pay some RON 9 bln at the height of the economic crisis, are going to do.” According to the head of state, the Strasbourg Court’s decision showed that the Romanian state had been entitled to defend the macroeconomic balance. “Well, isn’t this an instance of corruption? However, it’s transparent. It’s a type of corruption in which powerful people argue: ‘No, I want you, the state, to break down, I ask for this money and will distribute it as I see fit, not as you – the Parliament and Government – decided’. Isn’t it corruption? However, it’s all done in the name of demagogy,” Traian Basescu argued. Democrat-Liberal MEP Monica Macovei posted on Sunday on her blog an ECHR decision which denied the complaints filed by two Romanian citizens concerning the 25 pc-wage cuts, arguing there had been no violation of human rights.

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