9 million Romanians live on poverty threshold

According to a table compiled by the Econtext website on the basis of data collected from several statistics institutes, Romania is second in Europe when it comes to the percentage of people living on the threshold of poverty. Bulgaria is first. According to the aforementioned source, 41.6 per cent of Bulgaria’s population lives on the threshold of poverty. In Romania’s case, 41.4 per cent of the population struggles to survive on limited resources. Latvia is third in the table (38.1 per cent), followed by Lithuania (33.4 per cent) and Hungary (29.9 per cent). The European Union considers a person poor “if its resources are so insufficient as to prevent it from having living standards considered acceptable by the society it lives in.” According to the EU, a person is poor “if the income at its disposal represents 60 per cent of the average national income.” Thus, a Romanian is poor if he/she lives with approximately EUR 100 per month. This means that 8.7 million Romanians struggle to make ends meet, 2 million of them being retirees.

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