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March 21, 2023

Geoana meets Italian MPs

The ex-Social-Democrat Party (PSD) president Mircea Geoana met on Sunday evening at a Bucharest hotel with several Italian MPs from Forza Italia to study the strategy which paved the way to the peninsular party’s launch in 1992. Sources from the ex-PSD leader’s entourage told Mediafax that the latter had met with six Italian MPs from Forza Italia and the party’s secretary-general to study the Italian party’s launch strategy. According to the same sources, Geoana intends to launch his own political party based on the model applied by Forza Italia in 1992. A number of Romanian MPs, including Florentin Gust (ex-Conservative Party) and Catalin Croitoru (Democrat-Liberal Party), also took part in the meeting. The Dolj Senator Mircea Geoana moved as of this year to a new senatorial office in Craiova, considerably larger than the old one, which is allegedly to host the new party Geoana intends to set up.

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