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March 29, 2023

MAE: We contested 2010 report at Court of Accounts

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) claims it filed a contestation of the Court of Accounts’ 2010 report at the selfsame institution and, depending on the result, it would take legal action, Mediafax reports. We remind our readers that the Court of Accounts failed to issue a conformity certificate for MAE’s 2010 budget execution account, after finding, among other irregularities, that the state cipher indemnity was awarded abusively, as well as the “rare language bonus” of 10 pc, awarded to Italian- and Spanish-speakers. Furthermore, the Court of Auditors found in its analysis of the 2010 report that half of the funds allotted to the Romanian pavilion in EXPO Shanghai, namely, RON 10,488 went to the building and equipment of the Greenopolis pavilion, which was subsequently sold for RON 1,425, i.e. 13.59 pc of the initial value.

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